Best Ring Lights for Zoom Calls, Meetings and Video Conferencing

Best Ring Light for Zoom Calls, Meetings and Video Conferencing

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your selfies, improve and brighten up your vlogs or enhance your beautiful face for the countless number of Zoom meetings, then the proper thing for you to invest in is ring light. Written below are the best ring lights for zoom calls/video conferencing. 

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

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If what you need is an affordable and versatile ring light, then UBeesize is a must-have. It offers a range of options to examine and enjoy, with three color temperatures (i.e., warm, cool, and daylight), with each of them providing 11 brightness levels. It implies that you can tune the light to fit any surrounding lighting. The tripod stand is locking in place and can extend between 17.5-inches and 51-inches. It makes it an asset to almost any device you’re shooting from, and if what you’re using is your phone, you can make use of the rotatable holder below the ring. 

Diyife Ring Light

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Changing batteries in traditional ring lights can be quite a waste of time; that is why rechargeable, portable variations such as Diyife’s ring lights are an excellent choice. It offers three levels of brightness to select between in use. Also, the device can clip on to smartphones, tablets, and laptops without stress. Typically, the battery life is dependent on the usage of the device. Still, the company claims that you’ll get about one hour of use if it is on the lowest setting, 45 minutes on the medium brightness mode, and about 30 minutes on the brightest mode.

Trongle LED Ring Light

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For video creators who usually want a well-lit shot, either while standing on their feet or sitting, Trongle’s complete kit provides lots of features. The stand possesses a mount for your phone and can be adjusted between 42cm and 160cm, and the 10-inch ring light can also be changed between three different color modes and ten brightness levels. Carrying cases for both the tripod and ring light are also included.

10.2 Inch Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

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It is one of the best ring lights for video conferencing because it has great things to offer. It comes with a remote that lets you determine the level of brightness based on your needs. Also, it is quite large. It’s suitable for stabilizing and brightening light during your video conferences. You can easily highlight yourself even as you dim the background around you, enabling your image to come out clearly.

The added tripod expands well, enabling you to use it at heights of 16.4 inches to 53 inches tall for top-notch effectiveness.

It comes with two universal phone holders, suitable for taking part in video conferencing with your phone. Experts who want to use the high-quality camera built into their phones can do so without stress. You have several options of brightness levels you can choose from, letting you hone your lighting needs.

Rotolight Video Conferencing Kit

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The Rotolight Video Conferencing Kit brings together the lighting manufacturer’s NEO 2 ring light with a compact desk stand assists you in comfortably and rapidly integrate it into your video conferencing setup. It is run by six AA batteries (or an AC adapter), even as it has more than 1000 Lumens while possessing a CRI color accuracy rating of about 96. Both the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted. Besides, the four different diffusion filters guarantee that you have the best light on you always.

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

Image Source: Lume Cube

This Lume lighting cube sticks to your laptop and brightens up your face without causing a glare or distracting you with intense or blinding light. It provides a soft and professional light that comes from a frosted lens and extra white diffusers that provide you with the ability to soften and adjust the light as you prefer. It is also easy for you to control the brightness between 1-100% and select between either an orange and white light depending on which is more suitable and attractive. 

It comes with a suction cup that can mount on almost all computers and possesses a built-in extended battery with the house and the house of life. It has an option to plug it into the USB port on your computer and operate by an external power.

Movo VGC-3 Selfie Ring Light Kit 

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This ring light from Movo is quite different from the rest. It possesses what seems like a big chip clip at the end with the light and phone holder present on the bendable stands. This ring light’s lighting is sharp, but entirely it isn’t as functional as some other portable lights. It doesn’t properly sit on top of a desk on its own. However, if you have a desk where you can clip it into place, this light is a fantastic option.

Godox LEDM32 Smartphone Mini Light 

Image Source: Amazon

Although it is small, it is powerful, and the Godox LEDM32 Smartphone Mini Light comes with a little clip at the back that fits on the phone quickly and offers an intensely bright light. The light is nearly blindingly bright. However, the brightness can be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons at the light’s top. It charges very fast, and the battery lasts for nearly two hours. The light looked incredible in photos and worked efficiently for video calls.

IVict 24 LED USB Book Clamp Light

Image Source: YouTube

It is simple, affordable, and an excellent choice for a ring light for video conferencing. However, it is suitable for someone who wants a bright light solution to abolish shadows and brighten your video output. The added clip stays accurately on most monitors or desks for remote lighting.

It has three color modes and ten different brightness levels. It implies that you can easily create a suitable environment for your video conference. It utilizes 24 LED bulbs, thereby creating a mild or soft light that doesn’t hurt your eyes. Besides, the company used non-flickering technology to ensure that your video is smooth and stutter-free without stress. The power cord is 59 inches, and it is long enough for you to set it up in several ways without any fuss about charging restrictions.


Irrespective of your needs, there’s certainly an option for you on this list suitable for you. Also, they’re completely versatile, and if they are no longer used for video conferencing, you can use them for live-streaming, take pictures, or even use them as a reading light. They’re highly adaptable and also offer you many different ways to light up any room.

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