Best CV Builders in 2021: A step closer to your dream job

Best resume builders for 2021

A professional looking CV is as important as your performance in an interview to land you a job. Your CV should be eye-catching, professional, crisp and tailored according to the job profile. Gone are the days when a basic CV could land you a job. Nowadays, in order to get yourself shortlisted among hundreds of job applicants, it is important to have a beautiful CV that is capable of expressing your academic background, experience and other personal details in a crisp yet clear manner. 

We have curated a list of the best CV builders that have been created to make your CV outshine and help you get your dream job.

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With a pool of templates, is everyone’s first choice when it comes to resume building. One major advantage of this CV builder is that it helps you create a professional looking CV. The templates have been curated on the basis of the inputs given by several employers and therefore they comply with what employers are looking for in a candidate. The cherry on the cake is that it is free to use.


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The visualization format of ResumUP makes it worth trying. One of its features allows you to make an instant resume by simply importing your existing data. Various styles offered by ResumUP allow you to play with variants and help you create a unique CV. Another feature that makes it very helpful is that its specialized resumes are designed to be read by computers or developers.


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You can create a vivid resume in minutes using CakeResume. The drag-and-drop feature helps you customize the layout of your resume giving it a very beautiful and professional design. CakeResume also lets you download your resume at any point. This helps you to look over it and share it with others online.

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By using Reed you can build a professional and fully-formatted resume from scratch in just four easy steps. This will give you a very basic CV containing your details, work experience, qualifications, and some additional information. You can build your resume from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 


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A good resume improves your chances of getting hired. Novoresume has the ability to make you outshine with your resume. The provision of online templates automatically optimizes your CV’s content. Moreover, it ensures that the content is aligned and organised in a systematic and professional way. All the layout designs offered by Novoresume have been approved by recruiters. Not only this the layouts are tailored to suit the requirements of different jobs. 

Another interesting feature of using this app is that it analyzes your resume and gives suggestions to improve the quality of the content you put in. You can also get examples of resumes on their website. 


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Creating a professional resume becomes challenging for people who are not good with words. ResumeHelp’s Smart resume builder has made this task simpler by inserting pre-written ’smart’ bullet points that plug into your resume and build it with no writing necessary. This feature is a time-saver too. You can easily use ResumeHelp on your phones too. 


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By using CVmaker’s advanced resume builder you can create a professional looking resume in minutes for free. Not many premium features are provided in this CV builder, only the basics.  You can save your CV in various formats including PDF, HTML, and TXT. This makes uploading your CV to a wide range of job application platforms very easy. The basic version comes for free but options like rich text editor can be used in the premium version only.  


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You can create a beautiful and professional looking resume using one of the best CV builders out there, VisualCV. Not only this, it also allows you to create cover letters, import resume samples, and much more. It also tracks resume analytics that will help you know when employers view or download your resume. You can also ask for feedback from your friends and peers on your resume.

These were our picks for the best CV builders for 2021. Hope it helps.

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