Are you still in a confusion that which smartphone has the best camera to offer? The latest camera results for all the flagships currently available in the market are available on the Android Authority’s website. You can compare the pictures as given below and decide for yourself which camera suits you well or which picture you like the most.
Note: The picture galleries are prepared by keeping the following order intact:

Top row (l-r): Google Pixel XL, Huawei P10, LG G6
Bottom row (l-r): OnePlus 3T, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZs.


If you look closely, each photo is different from the others and that’s pretty obvious. If you look at the first image i.e. taken by Google Pixel, it looks like the clearest and most vibrant among all of them. Remember, all of these photos are taken on the stock settings.

Now have a look at another scenario.

One in the indoors:

Though all of them look almost the same but having a closer look will tell you that the second image is looking more bright and vibrant. Still, the choice is yours.

Now talking about the complete exposure to sunlight, following images show the nature photography.

The Final Decision

The final decision always depends upon you. Putting the cameras in almost all the conditions tells us the true results and now you have to choose among these cameras by checking that which camera suits you best.

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