Are you looking for to buy a flagship smartphone at discounted prices? Best Buy have wonderful offerings to get a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and a Galaxy Note 8 at discounted prices. Online retailer Best Buy offers you to to pick Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and a Galaxy Note 8 smartphone by saving up to $250. If you buy Galaxy S8 series smartphone from Verizon via monthly installment payment pattern, you can save the $250 in the form of installments. That means these $250 can be saved over two years.

galaxys8 s8plus 1 Best Buy offers you a major price cut up to $250 on purchase of Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8

In this year, we expect a discount on the prices of Samsung Galaxy S8 series. The Galaxy Note 8 will be offer for $686 while the tag price is $936, the Galaxy S8+ will offer you at $590 while the tag price is $840, and for the Galaxy S8 you will pay for $506 instead the tag price of $756. But on trade of your old Galaxy smartphone device with new smartphone is yet not offered by retailers. However, price cut on smartphones by retailers encourage users to buy 2017 flagship smartphone at discounted prices.

According to the report, T-Mobile offers you similar deals, opportunity to pick up Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus or Galaxy Note 8 at a price cut up to $150. The only requirement is you must be a T-Mobile customer and you port your number to Verizon. That means you have new smartphone and a new mobile number. You can visit Best Buy official website or click on the given link below for more information.

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