There’s a long list of must-have apps in Mac but you need to filter out only the best ones and we are here to help you in this regard. Though the list is a never ending one and you can always look out for those which are important for you, this list will help you in making a basic outline of the most wanted apps. We have crafted a list of 5 most useful apps belonging to different categories so you can get an idea of what areas you need to cover.


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Most of the Mac users must be aware of this sound recording app as it has countless features aimed at providing you the best recording services. From beginners to professionals, this tool helps enthusiasts to experiment with the recordings and that too without any cost. You can play virtual instruments, record sounds and if you need some pre-defined sounds, you can get access to the Apple Loops library of royalty free sounds.


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Chrome is undoubtedly the king of browsers and missing it in your Mac means missing a lot of things. Google being the developer of Chrome, has introduced a number of features necessary for everyday running and almost every internet user knows the productivity of it.


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Mac’s Photos tool is also one of those which you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t tried it and running towards 3rd party apps, you are probably missing a lot. Sometimes people don’t even bother to open it up and hence a lot remains unknown to them about Photos. You can edit images, apply filters and handle RAW files. The macOS Sierra update has made it intelligent enough to recognize people, places, and objects.

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Photoshop CC

%name Top 5 Mac apps 2017   Handy apps for a startup to Mac

Photoshop is a must have if you have the editing eye within you and it costs around $20 per month for a single license. Most of the professionals use it and hence the Mac provides it in a perfect price tag to help you retouch those raw photos and add life to them. Also, it is a handy tool for designing graphics and logos, 3D elements and cartoonic memes too!


%name Top 5 Mac apps 2017   Handy apps for a startup to Mac

Probably the app on which all iPhones are dependent the most, Siri has a big features list in Mac too! Siri comes built-in with macOS Sierra and later versions. To access Siri, simply go to menu bar, dock, and hold the command+space bar keyboard shortcut.