If you don’t like the idea of the conventional way of buying cars through a dealer’s shop or just want to cut out the third man’s commission to save some money, searching for vehicles and especially cars on the car shopping apps is the best alternative. Though you miss the chance of going through a variety of cars which you can see at the spot if you go to a dealer’s shop, this is still a good idea if you have a very targeted approach while searching for a car. Some pretty famous websites were already in this business and now the apps have taken over the websites. So here’s a list of top 3 Android apps for car shopping.


AutoTrader has its shopping limitations within the US but for is ranked among the few best ever apps for car shopping. To filter the search for your dream car, AutoTrader provides you a number of practical and beneficial filters to be applied. Like any other shopping app, the Wishlist feature helps you save your favorites and you can contact the owner if you ignore the other choices. To help improve your user experience, AutoTrader’s developers have provided an email address to be contacted if found any bug or glitch.

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Starting off with the basic stuff like searching for cars in stock, CarMax can provide a number of other features. These features include saving favorites and alerts for things like price drops, and new matches for new cars. To help ease your task more, the developers have added a payment calculator for those who want to figure that out. With improved UI and UX, CarMax stands a solid chance while you are looking for best car shopping apps.

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carmax2 Top 3 Car Shopping Android apps used around the globe


AutoScout24 is basically built for the Europe region where the app has firm roots. This subjects to the 2 million cars available across the continent. In addition to some basic features, this app allows you to maintain a wishlist that you can view while you are in the offline mode. If you are posting an ad, the app will ask you to answer a whole lot of questions like price, distance, mileage, registration date, and much more so that it becomes pretty easy for the searchers to filter out the exact type of car that they want.

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