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AMD VEGA CompueBench Benchmarks Leaked

AMD VEGA CompueBench

Just like the AMD Ryzen, there is no denying that the upcoming AMD VEGA is also gaining a lot of attention. Though till now there was nothing regarding how the new GPU from AMD will perform against Nvidia. But that won’t longer be the case now, as new benchmarks regarding the AMD VEGA have surfaced the internet. Where the new platform was ran on CompuBench benchmarking software.

CompuBench is basically used for medical applications or workstations, but we have also seen Nvidia cards running on it. Where surprisingly the old Maxwell GTX 980Ti holds a top spot. Alongside the GTX Titan XP and GTX 1080Ti.

Now from what we have heard, AMD VEGA platform is going to challenge the current Nvidia Pascal Lineup, including the GTX 1080 and 1070. If you look at the benchmark scores, where AMD VEGA is listed as AMD 687F:C1. The platform gets a score of 11.567mPixels. Beating both its Nvidia Pascal counterparts while making its way on top.

Now do take these benchmarks with a grain of salt. Because not every card performs well in every benchmark out there. Considering that the old GTX 980Ti is performing better than even its big brother the GTX 1070 and 1080. But the fact that Nvidia launched their GTX 1080Ti just before the launch of AMD VEGA. Gives us some home that AMD might have something better to offer.

AMD VEGA is just around the corner, where AMD is planning to launch their VEGA GPU in the second quarter of this year. Then we would have a real understanding of how well AMD VEGA really performs. When hardware reviewers will get on hand experience with the new AMD VEGA GPU.

AMD did make an impact with their Ryzen CPU and we hope the red team does the same with the launch of VEGA as well.


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