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Intel’s 8th generation Core i7-8700K recorded to be 51% faster than the Core i7-7700K in multi-threaded performance

Intel Core i7-8700K

We have been informing our readers regularly regarding the outstanding performance of Intel’s all-new 8th generation processors and the latest benchmark report proves that. Among the other 8th gen processors released, the flagship Coffee Lake Core i7-8700K processor has proved to be the best one and we’ve got its benchmark reports from SiSoft SANDRA.

Core i7-8700K is A Beast

The Intel Core i7-8700K is surely a beast which comes in as a 6C/12T processor. The predecessor of the chip, the Core i7-7700K is a 4C/8T chip. AMD has already released its 6 core and 12 thread model named ‘Ryzen 5 1600X‘ but it’s worth nothing in front of the Intel beast. According to the latest figures, the 8700K is around 11% faster than the 7700K in single threaded performance. But the interesting part begins with the multi threaded performance where the new Coffee Lake-based 8700K outperforms its predecessor with a whopping 51% lead. According to the popular tech forum HotHardware, here are some comparison scores between the aggregated Core i7-7700K and the new 8700K:

  • Processor Arithmetic: 217.98 GOPS (versus 149.99 GOPS)-45 percent increase
  • Processor Multi-Media: 658.57 Mpix/s (versus 447.76 Mpix/s)-47 percent increase
  • Processor Cryptography: 10.47 GB/s (versus 9.34 GB/s)-12 percent increase
  • Scientific Analysis (Single Precision): 61.41 GFLOPS (versus 48.51 GFLOPS)-26 percent increase
  • Scientific Analysis (Double Precision): 32.11 GFLOPS (versus 24.40 GFLOPS)-32 percent increase

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