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Belkin SoundForm Elite Review: A Smart Speaker with Built-In Wireless Charging

Belkin Soundform Elite Smart Speaker

Belkin is famous for its series of iPhone accessories that include wireless chargers. One of the company’s most recent offerings is one of a kind because it pairs wireless charging ability with a home speaker.

The Belkin SoundForm Elite Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger was released sometime in May, and it cost $300.

The Soundform Elite has been developed in partnership with sound pioneers Devialet to provide a significant audio experience. They combined their unusual acoustic architecture with fast wireless charging and top-notch design to create a high-performing smart speaker for your home. It also enables you to play and control your music while experiencing excellent, room-filling sound in every part of your home. Connect your speaker to Google Assistant and enjoy hands-free communication through your choice of a smart assistant.

Belkin Soundform Elite Design 

Image Source: Belkin

Belkin’s SoundForm Elite looks somehow like a black egg with a little diagonal slice chopped off the top of it. It’s undoubtedly attractive with a beautiful wraparound fabric cover and five touch-sensitive buttons on its front cutaway. It makes efficient use of its small size by offering a wireless charging cradle for smartphones to rest.

A single port for the added power cable and pack sits alone on the rear of the SoundForm Elite, so in case you were thinking you’re getting an audio device over a 3.5mm jack, then you’re not lucky. The SoundForm Elite is precisely Bluetooth or web-based affair, using a Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi set up is performed with the Google Home app for Android and iOS. 

Two far-field microphone holes are located at both sides of the touch-sensitive buttons: Bluetooth, volume down, play/pause, volume up, and mic mute. Although it’s quite challenging to see the icons for each button and where one starts and the other ends, you’d have to learn each position accurately.

Belkin Soundform Elite Connectivity 

Image Source: Tech Hive

After placing your phone on the Devialet logo on the speaker’s slanted side, it’ll instinctively begin to charge your device if it supports wireless charging. Though it’s a 10W peak charger filled with a Google Pixel 3XL, performance will undoubtedly differ based on your phone’s battery capacity and the charging speed it supports. It’s a pleasant addition and also makes for a beautiful bedside companion, with the diagonal cradle placed at an excellent angle for viewing your phone’s sleep screen at a glance.

Immediately everything is set up in the Google Home app; the Google Assistant takes charge of the heavy lifting. By waking the SoundForm Elite with the ‘OK Google’ wake word, you can have it play tracks from your preferred streaming service of choice and control smart home gadgets such as setting reminders, check calendars, smart lights, confirm facts, etc. 

Although most people still prefer Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant remains an excellent smart helper and works effectively on the Belkin SoundForm Elite. Its microphones are also responsive and somewhat fantastic at listening for the trigger phrase even when the music blasts out at the highest volume levels.

Belkin Soundform Elite Audio Performance 

Image Source: Belkin

The Belkin SoundForm Elite makes a shocking first impression with its 35mm full-range driver and 2x 70mm woofer configuration. For a small speaker, appropriate for a bedside table due to its charging support, this thing goes loud. You’ll be amazed where all that power is coming from.

A portion of the power derives from Devialet’s smart ‘Push-Push’ woofer configuration, using a dual driver array to move the air and get those low-end sounds cranking out. The ‘Push-Push’ system’s incredible thing is that it decreases vibrations from the speaker itself, enabling a distinct and more responsive bass sound. Here, it serves a dual purpose because the reduced low-frequency vibrations won’t alter the wireless charging system’s contact point.

Although the bass makes a good impression, the rest of the sound feels crushed by comparison. There’s a little sparkle to the highs, but the midrange seems flat and distant. 

Belkin Soundform Elite Price and Availability 

Image Source: PCMag

The Belkin SoundForm Elite is available at $299.99. Although it’s filled with lots of excellent connectivity and audio support from premium maestros Devialet, the Belkin SoundForm Elite does nothing much better than the $199.99 Amazon Echo Studio, apart from possessing a built-in wireless fast charger. 

Belkin Soundform Elite Specs

Image Source: Gadget Flow
ColorsBlack and White
Voice AssistantGoogle Assistant
Woofer Driver Size2 x 70mm, vibration canceling “Push-Push” configuration
Woofer Max Input peak Power2 x 60 watts
Full Range Max Input peak power1 x 30watts
ControlsPlay/Pause, Mute, Vol +/-, BT connection
Sound StageMono with SAM® by Devialet
Microphone 2 far-field microphones for voice control
SPL Max90 dB SPL +/- 3dB
Bluetooth / WifiBluetooth 5.0 / Wifi 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz)
Wireless ChargeUp to 10-watt charge
Full Range Driver Size35mm
Frequency Response40 – 20,000Hz

Additional package Includes:

  • Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger
  • AC Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide


The Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi disappoints slightly on different counts, like an overemphasized bass response, a full hollowed-out midrange, and no support for AirPlay or pairing two speakers in stereo. However, wireless charging is useful. 

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