be quiet!, the German PSU producing company is in the market once again with an exciting new product. The new PSU announced by the company is said to be the most silent power supply, dubbed as Straight Power 11.

38zZrlcbwHVeTfHa Straight Power 11, the Modular PSU Series by be quiet!,

Here’s what’s new on this PSU:

  • A modern topology using high-quality components
  • Wire-free design on the DC side
  • A completely redesigned PCB
  • An expanded power range with models up to 1,000 watts

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Key Features

In addition to the above-mentioned points, here are the key features of the Straight Power 11 Modular PSU series:

  • Silent Wings 3 135 mm fan with
  • A funnel-shaped vent
  • A 6-pole motor
  • Fluid-dynamic bearings
  • Under 200 revolutions per minute
  • A near to mute fan
  • High-quality capacitors to reduce electronic noise emissions


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