There was a long debate on Battlefront II’s lootbox culture with the gamers protesting against their wrong placement. The publishing studio, Electronic Arts has now announced a revamped version of the Battlefront II with tweaked live service purchases and player progression system.

3318778 swbfii2 Battlefront II changes the nature of its loot boxes   Updates it with cosmetic only microtransactions

What Has Changed?

EA has ruled out the idea of “chance for pay-to-win” as this was one of the highly criticized features of the game. Instead, a cosmetic-only marketplace has been added to the game. This feature will clearly show the gamers, what reward they’ll be getting. This is what EA has announced regarding the changes:

With this update, progression is now linear. Star Cards, or any other item impacting gameplay, will only be earned through gameplay and will not be available for purchase. Instead, you’ll earn experience points for the classes, hero characters, and ships that you choose to play in multiplayer. If you earn enough experience points to gain a level for that unit, you’ll receive one Skill Point that can be used to unlock or upgrade the eligible Star Card you’d like to equip.

Crates no longer include Star Cards and cannot be purchased. Crates are earned by logging in daily, completing Milestones, and through timed challenges. Inside of these crates, you’ll find Credits or cosmetic items, such as emotes or victory poses, but nothing that impacts gameplay.

Starting in April, you’ll be able to get appearances directly through in-game Credits or Crystals. The first new appearances are coming soon, meaning you’ll be able to grab new looks for your heroes and troopers directly by using either Credits (earned in-game) or Crystals (available to purchase in-game and through first-party stores). If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of the Resistance as a Rodian, your chance is right around the corner.

Battlefront II is one of the games that was criticized long before it was rolled out. It flamed up the fire and the gamers became united for the removal of the filthy loot crates culture in gaming!

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