The new entry in the series which is developed by DICE, Battlefield 1, now available on consoles and PC. it is going to have special events and an additional content in coming holidays, developing with a new launch of the custom game. Launch of the new Battlefield 1 custom game will be named as Blind Delivery, moreover a unique take on the Pigeons of War mode where the mini map is disabled and only explosives and handguns are allowed. More content will be coming soon to the market with vehicle skins, additional logins bonus and Holiday truce dog tag will be given until the next week.

Battlefield 1 Battlefield 1, Holiday Event Detailed for the Blind Delivery Custom Game in 2017via:

December 21: Blind delivery the new custom game goes live. Tackling the unique take on the mode of war pigeons mode where there is a mini map is turned off and only explosives and hand guns are allowed.

December 22: Skins of the vehicles are being introduced on the battlefield. New Battlepacks revision you might get the hold of with two heavy tank skins: the legendary “Desert Gold” or the distinguished “Schnuck”

December 22: The Dog tag of “Holiday Truce” will be given as a reward to all the users starting December 22, Login to Battlefield 1 after this date and this iconic Dog tag will be yours.

December 23 – December 29: During this period all the players login to Battlefield 1 and they will receive a free Battle Pack (one per account).

December – December 29: All the Premium Pass Owners of Battlefield 1 who will login between December 23 to December 29 will get two Superior Battlepacks.

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A day before today, a new set of images has been made available for the game that they shall not pass DLC, which will then release during march 2017. It is surely coming in the next few weeks.