It must be a little disturbing to know for Microsoft Windows Vista as well as XP users but their respective aging computers may turn into piles of junk soon. Gmail will neither be supporting Chrome 53 version nor any other, older ones; kind of Bad News For Windows Vista – XP users.

Gmail hacked Bad News For Windows Vista   XP Users; No More Gmail Support For Older Versions


That’s true guys and the same was announced and confirmed by Google very recently that Gmail is ending support and large number of older versions of Chrome will be affected by the end (December) this year.

The trouble in fact started the moment Google stopped support for above noted both systems; since Chrome’s 49 Version and the halt thus be affecting all those especially, who are still stuck with Vista and XP operating systems.

Now the question is whether Gmail will no longer be working in Chrome and the answer is no, it will not be the case exactly. Though the experience would be lesser one, as compared to updated and modern versions of Chrome.

According to Google, every Gmail user will see a banner, starting February 8 and the banner atop Gmail will simply serve as an encouraging message; advising users to shift to latest, updated Chrome versions.

As far Chrome 49 users, the Vista or XP users won’t be able to update since they are all locked down to 49 version, further explains Google. When finally the time comes i.e. December approaches Google will apparently start redirecting Gmail users to HTML, the site’s basic version.

If for any reason(s) Gmail decides not to shift to HTML version, the same would be good news for XP and Vista users. However, this change is conditional with Google’s own plans i.e. if the site sticks with its plans of implementation of the proposed change; that will leave no recourse for users.

Following the footprints of Microsoft, Google also opted for not releasing updates for Vista and XP right after version 49 and now is the time for users to act; before HTML version is back on Google. It won’t require a lot of effort for the users to shift to updated Windows and ensure it’s not Bad News For Windows Vista – XP users.

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