If the rumor to be true then Microsoft is planning additional job cuts in addition to the 2850 job cuts announced in the previous year, which Microsoft claims to be a part a strategy.

According to the new report from Business Insider, an exact of 700 job cuts are expected to be announced by the company after the quarterly earnings are reported this January.

rtr48a52 More Bad News to the Employees as Microsoft is planning a new round of Layoffs
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
Image Via: REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

These terminations will span across different divisions which includes sales, marketing and even mobiles. Microsoft mobile devices are already entailing heavy losses because of their deal with Nokia and the sales of Lumia smartphones are decreasing day by day. In fact the latest polls show that majority of the customers are satisfied with the android software and its much simpler user interface.

While the job cuts last year were mainly due to mobiles, it also badly affected other divisions in the company like marketing. But for now, it is yet to be seen what this company has in mind with the new job cuts and which divisions would be most affected by it.

If one looks at the job cuts in 2014 when more than 18000 jobs were axed, which was also the biggest layoff Microsoft ever did, the current one looks week in comparison, but the official statement still has to be released by the company. However, it was already announced in 2016 about 2850 job cuts, so this new report could be true.

As of last year, Microsoft has 113,000 employees globally, 64,000 of which are in The United States. The company is looking to hire new employees as they already have lost many in the previous layoffs. They are offering a number of positions available in the department of engineering and marketing etc, so even they are cutting so many jobs, they are also trying to hire many more, which is a positive sign.

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