Wide of range Biostar’s  High-End, fresh ‘AM4 X370’ Motherboards are out, along with ‘Intel 200-Series’ Boards, respectively for ‘AMD Ryzen’ CPUs and ‘7th Gen Kaby Lake.’

Biostar Event1 Awesome BIOSTAR Launch Event Offers Wide Range of 2nd Gen RACING Motherboards
At the wonderful event organized in Bangkok (Thailand), nothing was said or asked about the pricing as well as the availability of some particular products showcased at the event. However, Biostar brought out a massive array of various types of boards for sure thus turning the launch show into a highly successful one.

The show was all about Biostar’s 2nd-generation of ‘RACING’ series motherboards that featured support for 7th-generation Intel  Core processors. Some new products were also introduced such as AM4 motherboards; with support feature for the company’s upcoming ‘AMD Ryzen’ processors.

Biostar Event in Thailand Awesome BIOSTAR Launch Event Offers Wide Range of 2nd Gen RACING Motherboards
Just a few days ahead of the above said event (January 20th, 2017), there was another event organized and in that first of its kind’s public appearance in the Southeastern Asian Region, Justin Wang remained the focal person for the Thai attendees. The Sales and Marketing manager BIOSTAR Wang presented to a group of people comprising of media and dealer personnel; about the latest BIOSTAR products.

Not only the 2nd-gen RACING boards (equipped with Intel-200 Chip-set) were showcased at that particular event but X370GT7 motherboards were also presented. Everyone present at the launch show learned about the features coming with said new 2nd-gen Biostar RACING series in the likes of new ‘RGB Lighting’ modes, design, 10GbE networking solution (included afresh), the VIVID LED DJ’s improved application or the ‘M.2 Cooling Protection’ etc. (for SSDs).

Brought to the table were amazing ‘custom-built’ gaming setup(s) as well other several eye-catching products at the event whereby, everyone was offered to experience all the BIOSTAR products for free; to make them feel what standards the company plans to bring to the doorsteps of its end-users.

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