These days the main concern for people is to know how their self driving vehicles will perform in bad conditions, Substantially in snow. The company Tesla is the first automaker to offer current vehicles with the sensors that company claims will surely enables self-driving and thereafter the problem being faced is opt for having a solution by the Company.

tesla autopilot performs surpris 1 Autopilot of Tesla Enterprise: Defrosters camera making the system work in the snow, looking it in a different way.


It`s basically a problem with LiDAR, that`s why Tesla used radar and camera instead, but it also combines the defrosters on all it next generation camera and Autopilot hardware.

We should take a look on the defrosters through up to date videos of new cars. Tesla plans to use LiDAR sensors to bring self- driving cars in the market. In September, CEO of Tesla Elon Musk had to say about the use of LiDAR sensors in cars:

“We do not foresee to use LiDAr. LiDar eventually is an active photon generator in the spectrum which is visible. Essentially the radio spectrum radar is an active photon generator, but LiDAR does not perforate intrusions so it doesn`t perforate fog, dust, snow and rain. In comparison to radar. Radar also jumps and LiDAr doesn`t. You cannot do the “look in front of you” thing, therefore i think it’s obvious to use radar and not use LiDAR”

This explains why Tesla went with radar antenna rather than LiDAR with a vision-Heavy system, but those camera being used can be covered in snow. That`s why Tesla added the defrosters concept in that. All of the Tesla vehicles are now packed with 8 cameras: 2 on each side, 3 front facing and one on the back of the car.

Elon Musk, Future Autopilot System for Tesla's Technology is working well According to him.

Another video shows that the defroster on the front-facing the camera is active even the car is not being used. This is apparently useful for Summon mode and iterations in the future of the most recent addition of feature Tesla’s Autopilot program. If one Summon a Tesla which is to have the car remotely move a small distance, like arf the sound your house for example. If the sensor is covered the car will not be able to work accordingly. This feature authorize it to be summoned any time.