German Automobile manufacturer Audi sign a deal with Samsung electronic For Exynos Processors for its upcoming cars.
New Audi car 1024x680 Audi Sign Deal For Exynos Processor with Samsung Electronic
Samsung Electronics to provide its Exynos processors to German automaker Audi for their upcoming cars. Audi has avail Samsung memory chips before . Samsung Electronics supplied 20-nm DRAM memory semiconductors to Audi in the past . Audi use the chip in infotainment, dashboard and driver assistance applications.
The company is boosting its tech support to compete with the electronic cars like Tesla and Faraday and hopefully it will manufacture its own electric and self driving cars in future.The deal took place in November last year, when Audi approach  Samsung electronic for 20nm semiconductors chip.

xxynos Audi Sign Deal For Exynos Processor with Samsung Electronic

Samsung’s senior executives have confirmed the deal with Audi,
Exynos is the first AP designed by Samsung Electronics .The Chip is still under process and it will take long from optimisation to supply, Audi will begin to imply the Exynos chips from 2018 . Audi is one of biggest vehicle company and this deal with Samsung will increase the company weight and value in Automobile industry.

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