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Attorney General Shapiro claimed Instagram Scam steal $50,000 from different local banks

Its quiet odd and weird news how a social network photo sharing app can be used to steal the money from different financial institutions. But its quite true. Three Philadelphia men use the Instagram a photo sharing app to steal $ 50,000 from different banks.

According to the report, court documents, Shakour S. Smith, 26, Ikeem M. Starks, 25, and Quadir J. Burley, 18, used Instagram to recruit people in their fraud scheme.

Questions come to mind how they used Instagram to hack the bank and steal the amount. A police source says that they posted the affected banks and other financial institution photos so that other people like their post. They hack the data and other information of the users they liked the post this, they planned to steal the money from the bank.

In a press conference, Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania attorney general said:

“These thieves used modern-day social media tools to lure people to help them commit old-fashioned crimes — depositing fraudulent checks into bank accounts and withdrawing money that didn’t belong to them. Whether the criminals are scammers targeting elderly Pennsylvanians, or con men targeting banks, we’ll hold them accountable”.

Since the investigation was started earlier in February 2017, with the notice of the Organized Crime Section investigators to the bank logos posted by the criminals. However, three of the criminals are arrested and the police is expecting the other criminals are also involved and soon they will in jail.All new Alcatel Idol 3

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