Citizens of america living in New York state are going to take Charter to court as the Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman Office who is suing Charter owned Spectrum for knowingly failing to live up the promises of being ‘Super Reliable’ and ‘Blazing fast’ service. As Eric remarked;

“The allegations being put in today`s lawsuit which confirms what most of you have long suspected.
Spectrum Time Warner is been ripping you off”

Eric has conducted a statewide study in the year of 2015 in measuring broadband speeds while receiving thousands pf complaints from Time Warner Cable customers. The data shows that at least 640,000 customers who signed up for high speed internet is receiving much slower speed.

CuomoRefugees Attorney General of New York Sues The Charter Over Defrauding Customers and Dismissal of Internet Speeds, Citizens Are Taking it To the Court.

It was also leaked out that the customers were mainly unable to access Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and last but not the least, Gaming platforms that has been promised to them. The seeked lawsuit was full of affected customers. It also revealed that time Warner cable employees knew that 75% of the modems were used in 20 Mbps plans which were unable to provide the promised speeds.

“The modems are still being developed due to the restraints in budget” and “no communications have been sent to the existing customer base” The main Time Warner Cable clients to get new modems were ones who took an interest in a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) think about.

Time Warner Cable sales representatives likewise persuaded New York City clients to move up to “quicker”, more costly levels, without first checking the client’s modem. Contract has reacted, “Sanction made huge responsibilities to New York state as a major aspect of our merger with Time Warner Cable in zones of system speculation, broadband organization and offerings, client administration and jobs…Charter made noteworthy duties to New York state as a feature of our merger with Time Warner Cable in regions of system venture, broadband sending and offerings, client administration and employments”. The organization is likewise disillusioned that claim addresses promotions from before the merger.

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