When it comes to unlimited lower cost data plan, it has been a tug-of-war between major carriers.
AT&T Mobility LLC, formerly known as Cingular Wireless and marketed as simply AT&T, is a wholly owned subsidiary ofAT&T that provides wireless services to 135 million subscribers in the United States.

att plans AT&T Providing Lower Cost Data Plan, T Mobile Swings Is Offering 3 Lines For $100
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AT&T trying to pull customers to its side and T-Mobile tugging with its full strength to win subscribers.
The latest unlimited data plan from AT&T gets the deal even better and it comes with two packages. The new plans will be available from March 2 and current subscribers can switch to these new plans if they want to. users can select between the AT&T Unlimited Plus and the Unlimited Choice Plan.

AT&T Unlimited Data Plan: Unlimited Plus vs. Unlimited Choice

The Unlimited Plus strategy comes packaged with premium beguilement and spurs clients with the probability of incredible remote information running with a boundless measure of vitality.
The second unlimited information choice is the AT&T Unlimited Choice.The Unlimited Choice blueprint runs with unfathomable information yet with the most important speed of 3 Mbps. It wires unlimited information, talk, and message and will cost $155 a month for four lines.
The subscriber can choose any plan according to his data requirements and can change its package plan during usage too.

att logo e1409674000653 640x340 AT&T Providing Lower Cost Data Plan, T Mobile Swings Is Offering 3 Lines For $100
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In addition to these plans t-mobile also have its 8 lines offer.it implies that the subscriber can use up to any no of lines for increasing streaming speed for e.g. the user can have 2 lines or 3 lines or up 8 lines depending upon his requirements.each line will be charged separately for 1 line for 90$ and 2 lines for 145$.
By seeing the efforts t-mobile is making we can see its bright incoming era.

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