Earlier in this year, Atari announced to release its gaming console E3 in this year. The Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in an exclusive interview that the company is working on a gaming console, he stated as : “We’re back in the hardware business”.

Before the release of the new gaming console, we have got a short video leaked from the company showing an old-school fake wood finish on the sides of the console.

atari ceo Atari is working on new gaming console based on the PC technology, CEO confirms the leaked video

The company’s intentions are to back in the console business just after the 24 years. I remember the last gaming system of the Atari was a Jaguar. The company shifted its business towards the mobile phone development and back in 2013 the company faced the bankruptcy. The company development of the gaming console is a surprising move.

The Atari Video, Computer System is the one of the biggest gaming consoles of the company. The Atari 2600 was a wonderful gaming console that allows users to play games like Pac-Man, Pitfall, and Adventure at that time. The Atari consoles were popular for playing video games at home.

atari 2600 wood 4sw set Atari is working on new gaming console based on the PC technology, CEO confirms the leaked video

Atari is working on the PC technology for its gaming console Ataribox. It is expected the company is going to release a system that will support the modern games and as well as support the Atari traditional games. Nintendo is also working on the same technique with its NES Classic.

The company after a long time have confidence on the gaming console, there may be the upcoming console Ataribox will be inspired by the features of the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, major gaming consoles.

The leaked video have not much show about the more details. The design of the console lookslike the wood grains on its side and a couple of ports. From the video we cannot say about the ports are either for the USB or something else. Are you excited about the Atari gaming console Ataribox? Let us know you in the comments section given below!

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