Apple as we all know just held a big event called Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Where the company made a lot of new announcements regarding their new hardware. But aside from that Apple also announced that it has made a lot of changes to their current iCloud storage services as well. Which should sound interesting to a lot of new customers now, who werent interested in using Apple’s iCloud services.

71zkfytyhfl At WWDC Apple Upgraded Its Current iCloud Packages With More Interesting Ones

Till now Apple was selling their 1TB iCloud storage option for a price of $9.99, which is now completely removed. Where now Apple will only be selling their 2TB iCloud storage option to its user. Reason being that now the 2TB iCloud storage option will be available for the same $9.99 price tag. This makes a good deal for both the worlds. Including users who were currently using the 1TB storage plan. As well as for customers who were looking into getting in, with a 100% upgrade for the same price of just $9.99.

Aside from that Apple is still keeping its prices on its 50 GB and 200 GB iCloud storage options. Which comes at a monthly price tag of $0.99 and $2.99 respectively. All these prices will be uniform across the globe, wherever Apple iCloud storage services are available. Aside from that Apple iCloud users can now also share their iCloud storage data with other members. But in order to take advantage of this new option, all the Apple devices must be running on their latest iOS 11.

Cloud Services At WWDC Apple Upgraded Its Current iCloud Packages With More Interesting Ones

All these above mentioned announcements regarding Apple iCloud storage should make it more of a convincing product now. Users who are interested can already opt for this new service, whereas for people who were using the 1TB storage option. Will automatically be shifted to the 2TB iCloud storage plan. As Apple no longer provides a 1TB iCloud storage plan.

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