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ASUS’ ZenFone AR the second phone of the Tango is going to hit the shelves in this July


ASUS’ ZenFone AR the second phone of the Tango the exclusively on Verizon is going to hit the shelves in the US smartphone market in this summer. The smartphone initially debut in Tiwan and then late in June or early in the July will hit the US.

In this summer the ZenFone AR is going to release. Rumors about the release date are now confirmed by the Jerry Shen, CEO of the ZenFone, he said to Engadget in a report:

The ZenFone AR will arrive in Taiwan in mid-June, and it’ll make its US debut on Verizon shortly after in late June or early July.

According to the wccftech report, there are more or less 40 to 50 apps from the 100 apps on the Tango AR will work more efficiently on the ZenFone AR. The company officials said that these apps would be relaunched and optimized with the Nougat and in next year, more1,000 apps would be added to the version.

Moreover, the CEO Shen also claimed that the company will work with Google to support the developers to organize them in the AR developers conferences. The first developers conference will be stated from the home country Tiwan.

ZenFone AR claims the powerful camera feature, the performance will be equal to the DSLR due to the Tricam technology used the ASUS. The competitors like Samsung and Huawei has the dual camera setup while the ASUS ZenFone AR is powered with the tri-camera setup. The working of the all cameras is different, the one of the cameras, the primarycamera is about 23 MP, the second camera function is to track the motion and the other camera have the sensors for the objects.


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