Raspberry Pi 3 is been released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, before the year 2016 ended but Asus is starting the year 2017 with a Bang by launching a worthy competition for the Single Board Computer (SBC). Where Asus has not created a product page for Asus 90MB0QY1-M0EAY0 Tinker Board in its company website, the SBC available in the United Kingdom been made by the Tech Company via a Farnell page on Jan 20. Rumored before from the Tinker Board, it has finally been released with the full specifications being technical which could blow your mind away,mainly if you are planned to project for the Raspberry Pi 3, which is to build a home media system.

497150 raspberry pi 3 model b usb and ethernet Asus Tinker Board vs Raspberry Pi: A Quick Price and Specification Comparison To Be Exact.pcmag.com

Technical Performance and Specification.

The Tinker Board of Asus is definitely more powerful than the Raspberry Pi 3 and purposely, Asus is being manufactured to cater the SBC-fanatic who require more power than the Pi 3 offers to. In the opinion to the table of Specification below, the Tinker Board is definitely a winner with the power its packs.

asd Asus Tinker Board vs Raspberry Pi: A Quick Price and Specification Comparison To Be Exact.
Source: techtimes

Since it has a stronger connectivity, faster processor and many more amazing video and audio decoding capability. So if one is looking for a SBC to /tinker with your personal media system, you may want to look into the Tinker Board of Asus. “For so long Raspberry is in the market, we are here to extend the choices with having more options”, Said by Asus.

Comparison of Price

Selling for $35, Raspberry Pi 3. Which is same as the price as Raspberry Pi 2. On the other hand, Asus Tinker Board is priced higher at $68 at Farnell. As if it is just affordability then Raspberry pi 3 wins for sure.

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The Decision

A decent SBC, Raspberry Pi 3 in an affordable price so for the people and the beginners who need something powerful but more basic for their project as Pi 3 is already an excellent choice to have. Nevertheless, as said by Asus, the Pi 3 also has its own limitations so, if someone is looking for an amazing graphics and sound then dispersing off over $60 but merely less than $100 should already becomes a good deal. For the interested people, the main consideration will be nearly twice the price for Pi 3 for Tinker Board.

If they will be working on the media projects, they will be able to make full use of the Tinker Boards specification and if they are ready to wait for a while, Because the Asus SBC is currently available only in Europe and the United Kingdom.


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