Asus introduces a wonderful battery saver app for all its ZenFone 3 Max users world wide. It’s common, the users prefer the high specs smart phone with a powerful battery. Users expect from a smartphone, with a single charge, smartphone support powerful battery. The ZenFone 3 Max have a powerful master battery saving app that allows users to use the phone with a single charge.

The PowerMaster battery saver app has many features, the basic function of the app is to monitor the app usage and then automatically close the apps from the background.

201609DM160000047 14740165675376270052088 Asus rolling out the Power Master app for ZenFone 3 Max, the app has many features that allow users to save battery life with a single charge

The ZenFone 3 Max Power Master app is coming with the different features as: 2x lifespan, Reverse charge, Scan, Auto-start manager, Battery modes, Boost, PowerSafe, Last longer, and Battery usage. The main focus of the features is to save the battery life.

The Scanning feature of the app allows to complete scan for the smartphone and after the complete scan it will give you suggestions where you need to enable or disable the specific function so that battery can be saved for a long.

Lifespan feature perform function to make sure the battery is properly charged and have the capacity to battery loss on each span of the charging. The overall battery life can be saved as twice on a single span.

Another feature of auto start manager monitors the apps and open the necessary apps whenever users open their smartphone. Only needed apps are allowed to work. On the boot of the smartphone, the unnecessary apps are shut down that helps to improve the battery life as longer performance.

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Battery usage feature on the app shows you complete details of the battery usage. Users can have a better idea which one app is consuming more battery and which app is needed to close. By this app user can also identify the power consuming apps.

According to the report, Updates for PowerMaster app to the ZenFone 3 Max will be rolled out by OTA update. You will receive the upgrade notification in coming days.