The comparison of desktop PC with slim and smart laptops is difficult but the new design of ASUS laptop promises this. The ASUS ROG G701VI promises desktop performance in this design regardless of its smartness. The laptops has been introduced with a number of technical specifications which have not been introduced in any of the laptops earlier. The main thing which users can notice with this laptop is the graphics and the image quality of the laptop. The majority of laptops in this generation lacks some of the features which impact the overall level of satisfaction of the users.

2 22 300x185 New Revelation in 17 inch Laptops; Asus ROG G701VI Laptop (G SYNC 120Hz, GTX1080)


The ASUS ROG G701VI has a complete pack of features which lack nothing. The system has an Intel Core i7 processor with Intel CM236 Express Chipset. The system has a memory of 64GB DDR4-2 with 400MHz SDRAM while it has Solid State Drive of 512 GB capacity. The keyboard of the system is illuminated Chiclet keyboard while the system provides USB 3.1, 3.0 and HDMI Thunderbolt port connectivity options. The battery life of the laptop is very impressive which is 93 Whrs/8240 mAh with a 6 cells battery.

3 11 300x185 New Revelation in 17 inch Laptops; Asus ROG G701VI Laptop (G SYNC 120Hz, GTX1080)


The best thing about the ASUS ROG G701VI laptop is the GTX 1080 graphics card which is built-in in the system. The graphics card gives the resolution of 1920 x 1080 in the 17.3 inch screen of the laptop. Majority of laptops in current generations do not support both 120Hz and G-Sync while ASUS ROG G701VI supports both of them. Mostly, laptops supports either G-Sync or 120Hz while a huge majority still supports only the V-Sync technology and have the refresh rate as low as 60Hz. The laptop has a little issue on the temperature side but still the technical aspects make it quite better than the others. The laptop is truly a beast in its type with the specs that are not found in any 17 inch laptop.

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