If gaming at high frame rates is a priority for you. Then I’m sure the new gaming laptop from Asus will have you covered. Asus just announced a new gaming laptop named ROG Chimera, which alongside a 17.3 inch display. Also comes equipped with a 144Hz Full HD panel. Which support Nvidia G-Sync as well.

twarren asusrogchimera 4.0 Asus ROG Chimera Is A 144Hz Gaming Laptop With A GTX 1080 Inside

The Asus ROG Chimera is a new offering from Asus. Which is being showcased at the IFA event 2017. Not a lot is yet known about this new laptop. Aside from being a laptop that comes equipped with a 144Hz panel with a 7ms GTG response time. That combined with the Nvidia GTX 1080 inside should be able to fully take advantage of its high refresh rate Full HD panel.

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For processing power the Asus ROG Chimera also comes equipped with an Intel Core i7 7920HK processor. That should be sufficient to avoid any bottlenecks on the Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU. Aside from that the Asus ROG Chimera also does not come in a slim form factor. Which means that the Asus ROG Chimera is made to take full advantage of the hardware that it comes equipped with. Unlike the recently introduced Asus ROG Zephyrus, that is designed with Nvidia Max-Q technology. Which offers slim and sleek gaming laptops with cut down performance to compensate for cooling. Other features on the Asus ROG Chimera include Xbox Wireless technology. Where users won’t need a dongle to connect their Xbox controller.

asus rog chimera 1 Asus ROG Chimera Is A 144Hz Gaming Laptop With A GTX 1080 Inside

The hardware that Asus have gone with on their ROG Chimera is a perfect blend of both worlds. Because a 144Hz panel won’t matter if the display supports a high resolution like 4k. For now Asus didn’t announce any details regarding the pricing and the availability on its upcoming ROG Chimera gaming laptop. But do expect it to be available somewhere around next year, with a hefty price tag. Though it would have been nice to see the new Intel 8th generation processor running under the hood.

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