Almost we all love to play so what we need is a  powerful gaming computer or laptop, right? Yes, our laptop should be a rigorous machine which has to be compatible with any game at max settings and Fastest speed, outperforming the latest consoles would be cheaper to make. But that’s a very difficult, and frankly saying time wasting and unnecessary task for anyone who has no interest in fixing hardware and has more interest in playing games.

ASUS gaming laptop is exactly what you want to buy for the best result of any game. Because You don’t want to replace its parts from every now and then when one is acting up. In fact, Due to ASUS Laptop, you don’t even have to by a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard separately and you can take your beloved laptop with you anywhere you want to. Yours have your whole gaming setup immediately unified in a single device, nd you free to travel wherever you do.

%name Top Gaming Laptop Seller in 2016,  ASUS Or MSI Which Is The Best
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The ASUS  may not good with the color scheme but when it comes to specs it’s the best But, it’s undoubtedly one of the best to gaming in high quality like 1080p. Also, we can change the settings to Overwatch without getting below 60fps. The battery has an okay life, but the quality performance, screen, and amazing sound system work as makeup to it.

Untitled design 24 Top Gaming Laptop Seller in 2016,  ASUS Or MSI Which Is The Best
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Of these, 4500000 Sales of gaming laptops, ASUS was the reason for 1.2 million of sales, so laptops ROG is the top sellers of 2016. In the meantime, it enables MSI place 800,000 even 850,000 portable gaming organization to continue to the second place for distribution in the whole world. Few of this achievement  is due to what seems to be less for laptops bar games “entry level.” Previously laptop gaming entry-level cost about $ 1,000 in the United States, but this was reduced to between $ 799 and $ 999 in some markets.

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