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ASUS introduces new 35-inch gaming monitor, the monitor has improved specs specially for gamers

ASUS new 35-inch gaming monitor

Yesterday, the company’s Republic of Gamers press conference in Taipei, the ASUS displays latest monitor for gamers. The gamer friendly monitor has a 35-inch Quantum Dot LCD panel with resolution of 3,440 x 1,440. The new 35-inch monitor supports the HDR and has the capacity of the 200MHz refresh rate.

In this computing week, the Acer, long-standing rival of the ASUS, introduced its 35-inch display screen. The maintain its rivalry, now it was turn to ASUS to beat the competition by introducing the comparable display screen the ROG Swift PG35VQ.

ASUS’ ROG Swift PG35VQ is more powerful than the Acer’s version. The Acer monitor didn’t list the HDR support. The refresh rate also discriminates the specs, the Acer have the refresh rate about 120Hz that is much less from the ASUS’s monitor.

Any of the gamer prefer the image quality, refresh rate and response time before buying a gaming monitor. From the listed specs and specifications the monitor winning the competition due to the strong and comparable specs.

The wide display screens are most important for the E-sports games like Overwatch and League of Legends, because the display screen supports the games. 35-inches at this 21:9 aspect ratio supports the many games.

We are not sure about the prices for both Acer and ASUS 35-inch display screens. The Acer’s PG27VQ is expected to launch around the $899 and ASUS is going to hit the shelves in$1,100.


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