While thinking of a graphics card, you normally think of a hardware that adds life to the display resolution of your computer. Particularly, graphics cards are required where graphics-intensive tasks, such as 4K video, games, VR, and plenty of other apps are played and the computer’s built-in GPU is not enough for this uphill task. ASUS has recently announced a new generation of products that can barely connect to an external monitor. The newer graphics cards are opening newer dimensions for the users where they can make full use of the graphics cards.

ASUS MINING P106 6G 3D ASUS rolls out a graphics cards series dedicated to Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining

Use of a GPU in ‘Cryptocurrency Mining’ became popular when the peak period for Bitcoin started. With the passage of time, mining became a bit easier and the scope of GPUs for mining was made limited for some reasons. In the past few months, the use of GPUs for the mining is again getting its lost space and miners now consider using GPUs as a lot more profitable business. Recently, a huge turnaround has been seen in the cryptocurrency industry where high-end graphics cards are selling like hot cakes.

Manufacturers’ Reaction

The manufacturers’ reaction is also overwhelming in this regard as more and more companies are now producing better hardware for this purpose. Asus, in this regard, has recently announced Mining RX 470 and Mining P106 which is equivalent to AMD’s RX 470 and Nvidia’s GTX 1060. To make sure that the cards are only used for the mining purpose, the company hasn’t even put the connectors in P106. Similarly, the Mining RX 470 only has a DVI output, while the DisplayPort and HDMI ports lack connectors.

AMD's RX Vega 56 spotted in ASUS' ROG STRIX lineup


Talking about the performance, the Mining P106 offers a 36% better performance at mining without even sweating. The cards are not going to heat up as they have been primarily designed to keep running 24/7 – Thanks to their “high-efficiency components and reduced-friction, dual ball bearing fans that can last up to twice as long as a traditional sleeve bearing fans.”

mining card hashrate asus 100727555 orig ASUS rolls out a graphics cards series dedicated to Cryptocurrency Mining


The Asus Mining series will be available in July but a lot still needs to be confirmed including the prices. The production of Mining series by Asus has pushed other companies in the similar business too which is a great news for Cryptocurrency miners.