KitGuru has exclusively got some news from ASUS officials regarding the company’s latest Motherboard dubbed as ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard. According to the initial speculations, the board is going to be priced somewhere above £500. The board is equally popular among those who are associated with the field of content creation and for the gamers. Considering the past performance of Rampage series, think of the best among them!

ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard First Look on KitGuru Inside 1 1 225x300 ASUS about to roll out the all new ROG Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard


Here are some of the key specifications of the motherboard:

  • A 10Gbit LAN connector (You already know the importance of a 10Gbit LAN connector)
  • Support for memory up to 4,200MHz
  • An exclusive DIMM.2 slot
  • Support for connecting a pair of M.2 drives using the fastest connection speed available to date.
  • A water cooling header with a USB Type C

Now comes the most interesting part, the board will be engineered in such a way that it will look translucent when the mainboard is powered and the materials will change opacity in use.

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