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ASUS announces GeForce GTX 1080 and 1060 models with more RAM: Details

GTX 1060

As you’re probably aware there were some announcements a while ago that NVIDIA are now offering the ability for their board partners to release GPU’s with higher Memory Clock Speeds.

So, the first announcements is a STRIX, it’s going to release a variant which has 11 Gbps Ram. Now, this of course going to be based unsurprisingly on GP104 GPU so, essentially it’s going to have 11 versus 10 GB per seconds.

It’s the 4th Strix model from ASUS, it’s very similar to what you’d expect from them. It’s a two slot design it’s got an 8+2 phase delivery, a 6+8 pin power connector.

However, we don’t know the clock speed yet on the Core but realistically speaking it’s possibly going to have a little bit higher clock speed on the GPU as you would expect with this Strix model.

Another one that’s kind of tasty is the GTX 1060 OC 9 Gbps, once again 1000 mhz memory faster than the older SKU. Theoretically this card is going to be facing off against the RX 580.

This is exactly not a Strix card it’s more the DirectCU II cooling solution so, it only features a twin fan design unfortunately just like one can imagine.

We still don’t have information regarding the boost or the Base clock however, the memory is once again 6 gigabytes, GDDR5, and 192 Bit Bus.

 So, all the rest of the specifications for example the number of CUDA Cores available 1280 ATTM use 48 ROPS. All of that essentially is identical.

So, these models are going to act kind of as far as what we understand from what partners are doing. 

These are not going to be like replacements, in other words these are going to be like alternative versions of SKU’s. So, these are not going to replace the older models, they’re going to almost sit alongside them on the shelves.

So they’re going to presumably going to cost more money, how much more money? we don’t know that yet. We’re just going to wait and see so, in other words it’s kind of like pushing the final squeezing the last drop from the orange if you will of the Pascal Architecture before we get a refresh.


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