Though we still don’t have any word on when the custom variants of AMD VEGA will arrive. Asus seems to be the first to announce its upcoming VEGA lineup. Which till now included the Asus RX VEGA 64 Strix only. But now the company have also presented us with its upcoming Asus RX VEGA 56 Strix as well.

asus rog strix rx vega 56 OC Asus Announced Its RX VEGA 56 Lineup: Will Include A Standard And OC Version

Just like the Asus RX VEGA 64 Strix, the company also didn’t share any frequency details regarding the VEGA 56 Strix. Though according to Asus the RX VEGA 56 Strix will come equipped with a better and upgraded cooler. That is still similar to its VEGA 64 variant but will be much better to what the reference, AMD RX VEGA 56 and 64 offers. This includes Asus Max-Contact GPU cooling technology. Which combined with FanConnect II will provide the best results possible. Aside from that users will also be getting Asus Aura Sync support with the RX VEGA 56 and 64 Strix.

This new and improved cooler from Asus will take up 2.5 PCIe slots. While providing up to 40 percent better heat dissipation and 30 percent lower temps. Aside from that the upcoming Asus RX VEGA 56 Strix will also be offered in two version. Where one will come as a standard version, while the other will come with a stable factory overclock. For now there is no news on when these two VEGA variants will come out. But we do hope it just around the corner for its launch.

58820 04 asus makes rog strix radeon rx vega series official Asus Announced Its RX VEGA 56 Lineup: Will Include A Standard And OC Version

When it comes to the current AMD RX VEGA 64. Things are not looking so good at the market side of things. As there is a shortage of AMD RX VEGA 64 stock, mainly due to miners. Though AMD did say they are working on re-stocking. But it’s not known yet, whether the re-stocked AMD RX 64 will be sold at MSRP or a higher price.Which is what concerns us the most. As AMD RX VEGA was supposed to be an affordable option.

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