Asus is Taiwan-based company is targeting shipments of 35 million to 45 million per year.This figure is two fold of what the company sold in 2016. In a report from Digitimes, which cites a Chinese journal characterized  Apple Daily, Asus is interesting in twofold  it’s smartphone business by 2020. In the next three years, Asus is targeted that with at least 40 million smartphone shipments under its belt, it can estimated  for minimum of 3 percent of the total global smartphone consignment.

In 2016 the success of the company’s ZenFone 3 smartphone lineup ( ZenFone AR, ZenFone 3 Zoom and Pegasus 3S) was shipped nearly 20 million.Company’s CEO Jerry Shen announced that they planing to reveal successor of ZenFone 3 in the second quarter of 2017.He hoped good fr the ZenFone 4 series better than ZenFone 3.

images 13 Asus aims to sell 40 million ZenFone series units in 2017
ZenFone AR

maxresdefault 16 Asus aims to sell 40 million ZenFone series units in 2017

Asus zenfone 3 Pegasus Asus aims to sell 40 million ZenFone series units in 2017

Future planes for ZenFone :

Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2017) has been boosted  three ZenFone and copmany is focused on the sales of these three phones.The trio handset has been targeted by company are ZenFone AR ,ZenFone 3 Zoom and third is Pegasus 3S.If these three would perform as per the Asus expectation it hoped highly that company would be able to achieve it’s target sale for 2017.

The ZenFone Ar is high end version with Google Daydream and tango ,paltforms for AR and VR.While ZenFone 3 Zoom has dual rear camera set up with optical zoom capability.The third phone Pagasus 3s is not as compatible  like it’s sister products.But Asus is hopeful for this like other phones.

Asus ha not shared any plane to achieve the target of 40 million unit sale, company reportedly kept the planes secrete. While Asus has a good market share in Asia and the company has targeted to achieve good customer count in US.This is the dire need of company to set good market position in US to sale 40 million units in 2017.There is also another option for the company is set the retailer services to target market and sale in low cost.

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