Loot boxes are becoming a popular tactic by game developers to attract more gamers. Recently we covered the sorcery behind Star Wars Battlefront II’s zero cost. The game comes with loot crates to be bought from inside the game. Other major titles have also joined the race including Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Assasin’s Creed’s case is a bit different because of the nature of its loot crates.

Assassins Creed Origins Screenshot 6 Assassin’s Creed: Origins taking the microtransactions to a new level   The game will have in game purchases

Microtransactions in Games

With microtransactions being an old part of the games since a long time, the concept is not new for most of us. But with the passage of time, it seems like the functionality of these transactions has changed. I mean it doesn’t feel good to get high hopes from a game which seems to be totally free but when the major features are tried to be used, the game starts asking you for purchasing the loot crates. Crazy!
Assassin’s Creed Origins game director Ashraf Ismail says:

He’s a very unique shop [vendor] in the world who sells Carbon Crystals, which are the rarest item needed for crafting. You can find this stuff in the world, but the idea is if you have the money you can just buy stuff for him. Heda also sells a mystery box which can contain any weapon, piece of gear or item in the game. It’s a way for people who hoard lots of money, if you min-max the economy system, to gamble the money and get really unique stuff.

The reason we did that was because we saw, even two years ago, people playing the game in different ways. There are people who like to go into a military location, infiltrate them, steal the loot and equipment and hopefully find some unique or legendary gear. Then there was a smaller set of people who would focus almost entirely on the economy, buying and selling stuff to gain as much money as they can. And we felt like, okay, that’s a valid way to play the game – it’s a part of the RPG [aspect], so we’ll let them play the economy. So, it’s one way to be able to purchase or get some of the unique items in the game.

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