The release date for AMD Desktop Ryzen 2000 series is drawing near so the related companies have started to roll out the compatible hardware and software support. ASRock has shown up by providing the BIOS updates for almost all the AM4 motherboards. The users will get the added advantage of using the new AGESA code for upcoming Zen+ processors.

Screenshot 40 ASRock updates its motherboard inventory with the BIOS update for AMD Desktop Ryzen 2000 series

The BIOS Update

The BIOS was necessary because of the fact that the Ryzen 2000 CPU users will have to install two BIOS updates. All of the other ASRock motherboards are ready with the BIOS update with the exception of X370 Taichi and Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming. These two boards are said to get the BIOS on February 9th so all the ASRock’s AM4 motherboards will support Ryzen 2000 after the said date.

If you read the following tagline on the packaging of the 2000 series motherboards, it’s clear that they have already been updated:

The Bridge BIOS is required to make a smooth transition to Ryzen 2000, that’s only if you happen to buy a 300-series motherboard for your new processor.

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