Crypto currency mining is a trend that picked up its pace recently. Which not only resulted in the shortage of graphics cards in the market. But as a result we also saw an increase in the overall prices. Now aside from graphic card manufactures, motherboard manufactures are also joining in. Where we recently saw MSI launch a bios update for their motherboard. Which will help run up to 6 GPUs in a proper channel for the best mining rewards.

asrock h110 pro btc plus motherboard 2 ASRock Launches A 13 GPU Solution For Crypto Miners On A Budget

Though being the first MSI won’t be the only one cashing in on the profits. As ASRock is also planning to launch their mining supported motherboard. Which instead of running six, will have support for running up to 13 graphics cards in a row. Its relatively easy to get into mining crypto currency. But the getting in fee is pretty expensive as well. Where users are looking into finding a cheaper way to get into mining. This is where ASRock comes in with their 13 GPU solution. That will come with a price tag of $140. Which was the price of the motherboard when it was shown at a recent Computex event.

In order to take advantage of all 13 PCIe slots on the upcoming ASRock mining motherboard. Users would only be limited to using Linux as their operating system. Because currently Windows 10 only have the tendency to support up to 8 graphics cards. Though that can be changed with an update in the future.

asrock h110 pro btc plus motherboard 1 ASRock Launches A 13 GPU Solution For Crypto Miners On A Budget

In order to fix the graphics cards shortage in the market. Both AMD and Nvidia are working on a solution. Where both the companies have already started shipping mining aimed graphics cards. Which are designed to offer better performance at mining without any display ports on board. These mining aimed graphics cards will also be cheaper than their gaming variant. Which should stop miners from buying the gaming variant and go for the mining aimed graphics cards instead.

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