Changing technology demands upgraded hardware support and ASRock is at it. At the Computex 2017 event, the company showcased a number of gaming-oriented motherboards which grabbed the attention of many. The company has brought back the Taichi board along with two other stars, the OC board, and a Mini-ITX.

Taichi Board

P1020936 1 ASRock showcases 3 new boards, purpose built for the X299
The Taichi board has topped the list because of the triple M.2 slots introduced in it. These M2 slots actually support RAID, and 13 total power phases and a 12-phase design for the CPU. Unfortunately, this board doesn’t have the 10GbE.

OC Board

P1030001 ASRock showcases 3 new boards, purpose built for the X299

This option does not have as many M.2 ports as there in Taichi but extra 4-pin CPU has been installed on it. If you are an overclocker, you should be getting the point. Added power for PCIe can be seen near the 24-pin connector and its slot is quite user-friendly for quad-GPU setups.


P1020982 ASRock showcases 3 new boards, purpose built for the X299

Using a full-size LGA 2066 socket, the Mini-ITX board is a bit different version as compared to the previous ones. In the previous generation X99E-ITX motherboards, we witnessed more of a narrow socket. The board provides you the necessary space for quad-channel SODIMM memory with support for speeds of up to 3200MHz. With these specifications and special design, this Mini-ITX stands out to be the only option for you for the HEDT market for now. If you can wait for a certain period of time, AMD surely has many new exciting options for you in the pipeline.

Mini-STX by ASRock

In addition to these motherboards, ASRock also showcased a new Mini-STX system at the same event. Though housed in a small form factor, it supports the Core-i7 7700K Other key features include:

  • Dual channel memory support with speeds up to 3200MHz
  • 3 slots for M.2 SSDs and M.2 WiFi
  • A 5Gbps Type-C USB and a laptop-style SATA connection
  • An MXM slot for installing a graphics card
What is ASRock planning for the Computex 2018? Here’s a quick round-up!

If you are looking for the best combination to go with Mini-STX, ASRock DeskMini is the best option. The maximum temperature that the system achieved with a GTX 1080 running in it, was 76 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the 2 liter capacity of the case, you don’t need to worry about the game handling.