Google’s AI is writing a large volume of emails for its Inbox users.

This Smart Reply feature now automatically answers emails for its users, based on the contents of the incoming email. And, the ratio has increased to almost 10 percent of all mobile replies, generated through Inbox app.

2 16 Artificial Intelligence answers your emails now


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Jeff Dean, senior fellow in Google’s research group, discusses at the AI Frontiers conference in Santa Clara, California, Wednesday.  

“What this does is it takes an incoming email message and then, given the text of the email message, it tries to predict what are likely responses you might want to give,” Dean said. “Now, 10 percent of mobile responses on email on the Inbox product are generated with this Smart Reply feature, so it’s saving people a lot of time.”

This feature has included Inbox in the list of top 50 productivity apps in the App Store, according to App Annie. Users have expressed their confidence, as the responses are very accurate.

3 Artificial Intelligence answers your emails now


Smart Replies was introduced to Google Inbox in 2015.


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