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ARM Just Unveiled Their New Cortex A75 And A55 Cores Designed For Deep Learning And AI


ARM a mobile chip manufacturer finally unveiled their new lineup of CPU cores. That includes their new ARM Cortex A75 cores as well as Cortex A55 cores. Which should power a lot of high end smartphones in the coming months.

According to ARM their new Cortex A75 cores can deliver up to 20% more performance compared to its predecessor the Cortex A73. That is currently being used in a lot of high end smartphones. Aside from that the cores also comes with 16% better memory throughput. Where everything combines together to offer a 34% boost in Geekbench scores.

The ARM Cortex A55 on the other hand is more of a power efficient solution. Where we might see it in a lot of budget ranged smartphone in the coming months. But what’s great about the new Cortex A55 cores is the addition of a new Mali-G72 GPU. Where according to ARM their new Mali-G72 graphics chip runs 25% more efficient compared to its predecessor the Mali-G71 graphics chip.

Performance boost is not the only thing that the new cores from ARM brings to the table. What ARM is focusing on this time is artificial intelligence and deep learning. Where their new Cortex A75 and A55 cores can excel in both departments, without the need of a cloud system to do so. John Ronco from ARM marketing said that their news chips can provide “50x improvement in AI performance over the next three to five years thanks to better architecture, micro-architecture, and software optimizations.”

Both the ARM Cortex A75 and A55 cores now also take advantage from the new paradigm known as Dynamic CPU’s. Dynamic CPU’s is similar to big.LITTLE in a lot of ways, but does differ a lot as well. With the help of Dynamic CPU’s any amount of cores can be paired with each other. Compared to big.LITTLE where either big cores or small cores could work in a single instance.


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