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ARM’s all new processors primarily focus on AI-based usage

ARM Cortex A75 and A55
  • Cortex- A75, Cortex-A55 and Mali-G72 are the ARM’s newest offerings

ARM became the base design of a huge chunk of the smartphone processors in the recent past as a report shows that over 16-Billion smartphones inculcated the architecture. But that’s not all, ARM’s new smartphone processors are now focusing more on newer technologies like VR, AR, and AI. As these are the technologies of the future and have a great amount of scope, working on them can be much beneficial in the near future.


Keeping in mind the growing demand of AI based apps, the company is ready to provide such hardware specs holders which can deliver a performance punch.

The processors based on the new Cortex-A75 are expected to deliver almost 50% of performance gain which is a damn impressive figure. The machine learning process is growing at an unbelievable rate and the Cortex-A75 is a live example of it.

Cortex- A55

The low-end Cortex- A55 has very little to impress. Still, the improved iteration can offer almost 2.5 times as power gain if compared to the A53 model. ARM’s new “DynamIQ” foundation provides the design that is updated in terms of flexibility.


Another new addition in ARM’s family is the Mali-G72 which is the graphic iteration of ARM’s G71. This is an equally important release as it is a very power efficient graphic base. 

According to the official figures, Mali-G72 is 17 % efficient at machine learning processes as compared to the older G71. This means that Mali-G72 can be the base of the argument that ARM’s new mobile processors are crafted for better AI performance.


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