Today smartphone manufacturers design and use different technologies from the other smartphones, according to the specifications and the taste of the company.

Like other hardware used in the smartphones, there are different kinds of display screens are used. The two major display screens are OLED display and LCD are used in the smartphone screens. The OLED display is considered superior to the LCD, Let’s take a look which makes superior to the LCD.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 9 vs samsung galaxy s7 edge 1211 w782 Are OLED display screens or LCD display screens better for your smartphone?

Like others, the OLED display has some pros and cons, but before going into the details, you should know about the OLED. The Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) defines itself with its name as the screens have the compositions of the diodes, that emits the lights itself.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) uses the crystals and they reflect the light from the back of the screens. That’s means LCD uses a backlight system for the display of the objects. While on the other hand side, due to the composition of the diodes the OLED display screens generate the light itself.

and Are OLED display screens or LCD display screens better for your smartphone?

That’s the reason why the colors seem more vivid and clear objects. Due to the absence of the backlight system and the generation of its lights the OLED display is more popular.

The other important aspect of the OLED display screens has a prominent factor, it is displayed in the black color. While the LCD displays projected the black color. The OLED screens consume less battery because of the black screen that requires the sufficient energy.

Brightness and the viewing angles are the also important aspect of the display screens. The IPS panels used in the display screens provide a combination of the brightness as well as the viewing angles of the screen.

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Different manufacturer thinks different some of the use the IPS LCD in their smartphones, the other manufacturers like Samsung uses the OLED and also AMOLED screens for its different variants.

What do you think of it? which one of the display screen is best for your smartphone? You can share your experiences with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!