AMD Radeon RX Vega series is proving to a big hit and the necessary hardware compatible with the flagship graphics cards is also rolling out from world’s biggest manufacturers. Aquacomputer has recently released a cooler for the RX Vega cards and named it as Kryographics. The series is compatible with the VEGA 64, VEGA 56 and Frontier Edition cards from AMD.

kryographics vega ni 5 1 Hardware: Kryographics Coolers for the AMD Radeon RX Vega series are out now

The Structure

What makes it a consideration worthy option is the structure of the cooler. The company has installed a jetplate and a very comprehensive cooling system into it. It has been equipped with an optimized coolant guide so that there is a minimum level of low flow resistance. All important parts of the cards will be protected well as the duct is passing through all the elements. The two parts which are given a special amount of attention on the card are the voltage regulators and coils. The coolers have a floor made up of 10mm thick high-quality electrolytic copper.

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The coolers are being made in a factory at Benniehausen. Moreover, the company is producing nickel-plated and copper platted variants too. The material used for making the connection terminal is ‘Delrin’. To add beauty to the coolers, the company has installed a red LED light in it which is placed in a secret place.

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