To both the disappointment and elation of a few engineers, there was a huge change to the rundown of Top Grossing titles in Apple’s App Store at the end of the week. Subsequently, numerous engineers are left thinking about whether it was only a bug or if Apple started testing another calculation that could either knock out their application from the top spots or give their application a lift to help it ascend.

Reports surfaced on Friday about the progressions to the App Store’s Top Grossing outline after one developer saw their application went from the second on the list down to number 35.

While it’s very far-fetched that out of the blue individuals were downloading other more niche paid titles more than that application, this leads some to ponder what the purpose was for the extraordinary drop.

The out of the blue ascent in some littler known applications and decrease in popular titles on the outline just applied to those Top Grossing applications. The change did not happen on the Top Paid or Top Free graphs.

tvOS App Store Top Charts 200 apps 1 Application Store adjustments in high grossing charts is caused by either a bug or a new algorithm that prefers paid apps

By Monday, the Top Grossing graph was accounted for to have returned to its normal self. The diagram has the standard apps like Pokemon Go, Candy Crush Saga, Netflix and Clash of Clans standing out on Tuesday as they commonly do.

It is conceivable that the App Store was hit with a bug. In any case, the sudden change could likewise indicate the work of another algorithm.

On the off chance that it was a calculation, then it no longer ranked applications in light of its general income. Rather, it favors paid applications.

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It was paid applications that rose up the chart, while membership applications (titles that profit by means of in-application buys) were left down the rundown. Truth be told, six out of 10 of the Top 10 Grossing applications were paid applications at a certain point.

app store Application Store adjustments in high grossing charts is caused by either a bug or a new algorithm that prefers paid apps

If Apple somehow happened to begin positioning along these lines, it would keep the Top Grossing outline from staying unaltered at the top and shake things up with new popular titles that could be found. It would help highlight those paid applications that are doing great at the moment, and move down membership applications like Netflix that will presumably always hoard up a top spot.

As observed with this end of the week’s trial, this change could truly help indie games in having a genuine shot at going up against the big folks.

Albeit ranking backpedaled to typical by Monday, it could be an indication of what’s to come.