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Apple’s Unit Sales Surprisingly Fall Down But iPhone 7 Plus Standardise The Revenue

Iphone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus was selling at the cost of $642 before a year but $655 later

From a report Apple’s Chief blamed a surprising fall in its unit sales in its second quarter on this Tuesday. The drop was reported to be 50.8 millions from 51.2 millions of last year. But Analyst had expected that the budget will reached up to 52.2 million at the end of April, and this proves to be wrong

This does not mean that Apple do not earn money, although they make more revenues despite the company sold fewer iPhones this year. The reason behind the scene is their high- priced iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus was selling at the cost of $642 before a year and now its costly as its selling price enhanced up to $655.

This flagship of Apple rose the company’ revenue 1 percent more to $33.2 billion, only benefitting more from flagship iPhone 7 Plus this year. iPhone 7 Plus got a better camera result from all predecessor and also from its related near one iPhone 7.

Apple Chief called this flagship as ‘robust’ as it goes beyond their expectations. Tim Cook revealed this in his words something like this; from Cnetreport

t took us a little while to adjust all the way back through the supply chain and to bring iPhone 7 Plus [availability] into balance, which occurred … early this past quarter,”

The look and shape of iPhone 7 Plus is quite similar to it previous phones but due to its double lenses camera the iPhone was able to hit the mobile market revenues and was able to cross all the previous marketing records as it was reported highest number of iPhones ever sold.

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