Apple’s Siri Introduces Another Feature. With Latest WhatsApp iOS Updates; Now You Can Ask Siri To Read Out Your Messages Loud


With the help of latest WhatsApp updates for iOS, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant Siri is all set to serve another purpose and that is; you can ask Siri to read out your messages loud. The latest feature is certainly a useful and effective one for those who’re either very busy or otherwise; prone to laziness. However, for those suffering with visual impairment; the feature would prove a true blessing.

As mentioned above, the only condition to ask Siri to read out your messagesis that the users with devices running iOS 10.3 versions can benefit from the feature, by activating the same in setting menu of WhatsApp. Once activation is done, the users can would be required to use the familiar “Hey Siri” command following which; the intelligent assistant would complete the action automatically.

One can say that this is one out of many coolest things that Siri can perform and make users’ lives a bit easier; there would be many, who would want to use a phone though but don’t want to look at the screen.

Can Users Reply By Voice?

Yes, it is possible now, as the option had already been added by WhatsApp since last September. Meanwhile, 2.17.2 is also available now though it works on devices; running versions of iOS 10.3 only.

Sounds pretty cool that while driving on a highway with your eyes fixed on the road you receive one or more messages and following one command; Siri starts reading them for you, loud and in a human voice.

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