Apple’s newly released iOS 10.3 beta has been found with two hidden keyboards.

Steve Troughton-Smith, a computer expert and iPhone developer discovered the new embedded features that were surprisingly never highlighted by the company nor made available for users’ use.


The first one is called ‘floating’ keyboard that stays over other apps, showing a picture in picture set up. It can be moved conveniently around the screen with just a single hand in any status; even if multiple apps are open in split-screen window mode.



It has several benefits: since it is small in size and doesn’t cover up the entire screen, it can be used for data feed between two split-screen apps without any need for minimising the keyboard.

Th other keyboard is named ‘gestural’ keyboard that enables you to swipe left and right performing a backspace or space on any key.


It is rumoured that these keyboards might be unveiled in later beta versions, i.e. iOS 11 that will be showcased at Apple’s WWDC 2017 gathering in June. And the current functions might be aimed at testing the operational effectiveness of the features.

The users are curious to see other similar features being discovered by the brand lovers (developers).

Likewise they are surprised that why would the company deter from letting them use these features. Technically, it could have been useful for the company to get users’ feedback for more viable additions in the upcoming versions.


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