Apple takes further step to help its clients and though it’s a minor move yet it is likely to resolve issues in the likes of bug fixing and security-related improvements etc.

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The business giant released iOS 10.2.1 today while the fresh move follows weeks-long internal testing and beta analysis and it took the public to wait for nearly a month to receive second episode of update to said iOS devices; the earlier release was about iOS 10.2.

As stated above, the fresh update is a minor one that doesn’t have much in offering or doesn’t promise any major improvement(s) oriented features. As a statement by Apple suggested that bug fixing and security developments were the two elements included in the update, the change in the security page is visible now. The updated security page now shows vulnerabilities listed there, in the Web-Kit.

apple paws011 Apple’s iOS 10.2.1 released: Bugs fixed – iPhone crashing tricks removed

Analyzing contact cards, core issues and logic issues are mentioned on the page while particularly the contact card issue is said to be possibly linked to a virus or bug threatened to other users’ iOS devices. It is clearly written in the bulletin that whenever and whoever may process a contact card that is maliciously crafted; the result may be termination of the application, automatically.

The issue however, has been addressed, says the bulletin, through ‘improved’ input validation. Reading the entire bulletin would certainly help both iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 10.2 users equally since there are long lists of security vulnerabilities available; many of which have now been fixed, with the introduction of iOS 10.2.1.

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