Although Foxccon did research on the shift chines industry of iPhone to US with positive results but these fact are not enough to convince chines producer for US migration.According to Chines qq language the supply of lens is not willing to move to US.Because production of lens is highly professional and efficient work to do but the labor is reluctant and it is highly paid in China ,if it intended to move their labor cost and citing expenses will notably increase.This show it near to impossible for the chines producer to move.In another perspective it is in the fever of US to import the product from China not a domestic industry as it is cheap in cost and good in quality.

The deriving force Tim and Cook for the demand of Chines manufacturer  shift is Donald’s policies of domestic production.He noticeably announced in his presidential race he will make sure for all the production at national.This is possible threat to export of industry  China.

trump china trade war Apples Chines manufacturing partner not likely to  migrate factory in US

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an Dec. 2015 interview about a possible shift.

“Even if Trump imposes a 45 percent tariff, it is still possible that manufacturers will decide to continue production overseas as long as the costs together with the tariffs are lower than the amount they need to spend on building and running production lines in the U.S.”

115279589 Apples Chines manufacturing partner not likely to  migrate factory in US
Chines labor reluctant to US migeration

There is almost 35% of cost increase in domestic production and assemble of iPhone.This is cost other than labor and shipment cost of the goods,The tariff will finally be shifted to consumer it may decrease market value Apple.

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