Apple has decided to make full use of AI in its self-driving cars. If you remember the “Autonomous Navigation System” filed in December 2015, by Apple for its self-driving cars, the company has pretty much turned it into a reality.

Autonomous Navigation System

Speaking more of this system, it is equipped with full sensory depiction build to facilitate users who are commuting from one place to another. To remember things that the driver loves, Apple will use “virtual characterization.” This will actually help Apple’s self-driving cars to make continual updates to the stored driving maps. Autoblog states:

the complexity and magnitude of computer systems required to be included in a vehicle to enable such real-time processing and responsiveness can present an unsuitably excessive investment in capital costs for each vehicle, thereby rendering the system impractical for usage on a wide scale.

The system is intelligent enough to include a remote system in the characterization along with the on-the-fly option. This makes up a good system for vehicles to commute even faster and efficiently. The blog post further states:

Characterizations can be uploaded to a remote system which processes data to develop and refine route characterizations and provide characterizations to one or more vehicles.

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